Tuesday, June 16, 2015

E3 Square Enix Notes

Square Enix Notes

  • Just Cause 3 - Open world Action - 400 square miles of open world and lots of vehicles and weapons.You can attach tons of things with the grapple.  80 vehicles.  Lots of mini-games to compete for online leaderboards.  They didn't say anything about multiplayer... when Just Cause 2 Multiplayer mod is the only reason that people care about this IP anymore...  This could be a HUGE missed opportunity.
  • NieR New Project - PS4 Nier Game - It was just a super cryptic teaser trailer that name-dropped experienced game developers.
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider - Adventure - I'm sure this game will be well-made.  The newer Tomb Raider title was excellent.  I will be more of the same cinematic-adventure that people like from these titles, so it'll do well.
  • Lara Croft Go - Tomb Raider Mobile Game - Craptastic.  Turn-based experience.
  • Final Fantasy VII remake - This was shown again.  "Stay tuned for more detailed information in the future." They're also releasing the old FFVII on the iphone at the end of summer.
  • Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key - It's a japanese browser game that they're bringing to mobile.  It did alright in Japan, but it didn't keep anyone's attention.
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 - Action-y RPG with Disney Characters - This will be a story-driven nostalgia-fest.  It will sell at ludicrous-speed.  The game will probably be very polished.  It's one of those games that people want to experience the story... so it might actually be more popular for streamers/content creators online to have people watch it.
  • World of Final Fantasy - Didn't show much other than the trailer that was posted yesterday.
  • Hitman - 3rd Person Action/Stealth - HD sandbox game.  Freedom of approach to take out your targets.  Sounds like you get even more freedom.  We'll see!  They reward "complete mastery" of levels.  It's a game about killing.  It'll have to be more than this, we'll see what social options you can do with your friends for the game...
  • They showed some quick trailers of some of their newer titles like Final Fantasy XV.
  • Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness - Seems like a pretty JRPG.  Combat seems interesting, a cross between real time combat and turn based ability use.  JRPG fans will gobble this up.  Aiming for 60 fps.
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Action RPG - Takes place in 2029.  Stopping the Illuminati.  In-game trailer shown.  I want this game to be good.  The others were decent games.
  • Project Setsuna - New JRPG from a studio that will only make JRPG's called Tokyo RPG Factory.  They showed some concept art.  Who knows.

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