Monday, June 15, 2015

E3 Sony Notes

E3 Sony Notes #remake

Last Guardian - 3D Puzzle Platformer - Looks beautiful and everyone was tearing up for the guardian.  We'll see how the gameplay pans out.

Horizon: Zero Dawn - 3rd Person Action Shooter - In the future... after humanity has been mostly wiped out by machines and it looks pretty sick.  Machine animal things... I dig it.

Hitman - 3rd Person Stealth Action - Hitman is old news for me.  I'm not super excited unless they REALLY surprise us and do something new.

Dreams - Creative - By the LittleBigPlanet team...  No clue what this is.  It almost looks like a creative tool to make beautiful cinematics... not sure how the gameplay will work.

Destiny: The Taken King - Destiny's a good game.  More content is always good.  Not super exciting though.

Firewatch - Adventure Survival - Seems interesting.  Survival game for PS4.  Looks like good writing... I'll stick with my PC survival titles...

Final Fantasy VII Remake - RPG - I know fanboys are super hyped about this.  I couldn't care less.  Play new games.  Expand your horizons.

Shenmue 3 - This looks pretty cool.  It was weird that they're plugging a Kickstarter and not just funding the game if they really believe in it.  Is that a red flag to anyone else?

World of Final Fantasy - RPG - World of WarFinal Fantasy?  This could be ok.  Looks cute, but not up my alley.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 - FPS - Dude.  Bro.  (Co-op could be fun)

Uncharted 4 - Adventure - Looked pretty good.  Seemed very similar to the previous Uncharted game, but those are great.  So it'll be good stuff.

Join me tomorrow!

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