Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Titanfall Impression via Steam Conversation

This post is just a brief conversation I had on Steam about my Titanfall beta experience.  It sums up the issues I have with the game and sheds some light on the features.  I know it's not the most eloquent language, but at least you'll still get my raw impressions of the experience.

Elandrian: man
Elandrian: i am SUPER upset about titanfall
Elandrian: i need to talk to someone
Elandrian: hahahaha
I have a pwner: is it that baf?
I have a pwner: bad
Elandrian: yes
Elandrian: yes and no
Elandrian: hahaha, that's why i'm conflicted, but, overall, not worth 60 dollars
I have a pwner: boo
Elandrian: like, at all
I have a pwner: multiplayer good at least?
Elandrian: it's ONLY multiplayer
I have a pwner: lol
Elandrian: man, i'm SO salty
Elandrian: so here's the nutshell
Elandrian: It's a good evolution of call of duty multiplayer, the parkour and mechs make it feel fresh
Elandrian: BUT
Elandrian: It's fucking call of duty multiplayer, ultimately it's just dudes blasting each other
I have a pwner: lol
Elandrian: but they create a false sense of badassness by adding AI units
I have a pwner: sounds like typical console shittiness
I have a pwner: ahhh
Elandrian: like, there's AI dudes that are worthless on the battlefield "helping"
Elandrian: so it's only 6v6 players
I have a pwner: free kills
Elandrian: but there's AI dudes
Elandrian: EXACTLY
Elandrian: free kills, they're worthless
Elandrian: but they distract you from thinking you're bad because at least you're killing something right?
I have a pwner: sounds like a game for kids
Elandrian: exactly
I have a pwner: it's like giving everyone a trophy in little league
Elandrian: YES
I have a pwner: even if they're dead last
Elandrian: it's just the "grass is greener" issue
Elandrian: it's like, "man, I'm so happy that I can blast more dudes in new ways, and oo the graphics are pretty over here and ooo mechs are cool"
Elandrian: but then with no story or deeper objective to playing... what's the point?
Elandrian: i mean shit, at least give me character customization
Elandrian: NOT loadout customization, that means NOTHING
I have a pwner: wow
I have a pwner: that's just bare bones they gave you
I have a pwner: doesn't have the finess of a $60 game you'd expect
Elandrian: and it has no intention of being worth a full 60 dollars
Elandrian: It's a 20 dollar PC shooter title
Elandrian: that's what it's worth to me
I have a pwner: and this is why I wait before I play games
Elandrian: i mean fuck
I have a pwner: haha
Elandrian: make it free to play and give it character customization that you pay microtransactions for
I have a pwner: oooh
Elandrian: well... this is why i play betas
I have a pwner: that's an idea
I have a pwner: make it like league
I have a pwner: like that one first person moba
Elandrian: or just play Hawken
Elandrian: it's going to be free to play
I have a pwner: what's that
Elandrian: all mech titanfall
I have a pwner: ah
Elandrian: i've been in beta for it for like 2 years
Elandrian: it's on steam early access now
Elandrian: but it's 20 bucks for early access, but i got a free key for being in closed beta
Elandrian: but anyway, if i want to play a mech combat game
I have a pwner: niceee
Elandrian: i'll play mechwarrior online or hawken
I have a pwner: yeah
I have a pwner: word
Elandrian: both of which are/will be free
Elandrian: so if i'm gonna pay 60 bucks for titanfall
Elandrian: it better be the bees knees of mech games
Elandrian: and the content is has IS polished... but it's not enough to be worth 60
Elandrian: i should just post our conversation as to why it's bad
Elandrian: then i don't have to retype
Elandrian: lolll
I have a pwner: lol
I have a pwner: i'm fine with that
I have a pwner: especially if you keep my name as i have a pwner
Elandrian: yes, well now I HAVE to post it

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